Riding as "Lawrence of Arabia" in Jordan

On the ride in Wadi Rum through the trails of the Bedouins and experience the diversity of the undoubtedly most beautiful desert in the world. Constantly changing rock formations, sand and sandstone desert in alternating bright colors make this ride in Jordan a unique experience. The rides through stunning canyons and mountains in the Disi.

There is no plan, no map: here, it relies on the age-old trade routes of the caravans. They care how the Bedouin to your horse, even with help in the establishment of the camp (materials, food, water is brought).
Other cultural highlights on your journey include: a wide view to the Holy Land from Mount Nebo, the swim stop at the Dead Sea - pure relaxation in the saltiest water in the world - and an entire day to visit Petra, the rose-red rock city of the Nabataeans and UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The riding tours are individually assembled and ridden in small groups, a day do you spend about 5 - 6 hours in the saddle. The horses are well cared for and spirited. Upon request, a follow-up program be arranged.


Current note

In many states of the Arab world currently held protest actions aimed at political demands to the respective governments. Jordan has a good security situation and tourists can travel safely. Current information on safety in Jordan, given the Foreign Office.

Suggested tour

1th day : Arrival at Queen Alia airport in Amman, airport pick up and transfer to hotel.

2th day: After a group breakfast, we drive on the Desert Highway south to the stables of the Wadi Rum Atallah distribution of the horses and the afternoon start to the great desert ride. The escort team led by Atallah and a cook and a groom accompanied along with vehicle. Towards evening we reach the first camp and finish off the day with tea and delicious Bedouin dinner. You will sleep under the stars or in small tents, as desired. A night under the stars is a unique experience. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the desert night: absolute silence, a sparkling star in the sky and campfires ...

3th day to 7th day: We ride from the mountains to the famous Burda rock bridge and on the mountain Jabal Al Mangour. There is every day of riding a bit further in the original desert. The camp is located in a different place every night and is of incomparable charm. Breakfast is only a good breakfast, then rode about 3 hours, in the afternoon there are picnic and tea and then we ride back into the endless desert.

8th day to 10th day: After breakfast we travel together in the city of Petra, have a full day for the visit of Petra, the historic city of the Nabataeans! The excavations and sights are very extensive and interesting - you can enjoy in peace and quiet of this remarkable world heritage site within a fascinating landscape! Dinner and overnight at hotel in Petra. Then we drive to the Dead Sea, which lies 400m below sea level, and thus to the lowest point on earth belongs. You can float in salt water, while reading the newspaper - without drowning! Late afternoon drive to Amman, with a stop at the famous Mount Nebo, where Moses died, after he had seen the Holy Land. The view from up here is really impressive - you can enjoy the wide panorama of the Jordan and the Dead Sea to Jerusalem at sunset!
Dinner and overnight at hotel in Amman.

10th day : Transfer to Amman Airport for departure.

Atallah Swalhen Info:

Atallah Swalhen leading the riding tours in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, is a world-class endurance rider who takes part in Fédération Equestre International (FEI) endurance sports events. According to the FEI, "Endurance riding is a competition in which the participants the ability to securely manage the stamina and fitness of the horse for a stamina-Kursin a contest against the route, the distance, the climate, the terrain and the clock test. "Arabian horses are known to excel because of their endurance and their stamina in these competitions. Atallah and his horses have these qualities.


Contact person in Germany:
Monika Marquart
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Atallah Swalhen
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Email: rumhorses@yahoo.co.uk


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